Age 22
Gender Female
Sexual Preference Straight
Country France
Marital Status Single
Smokes ---
Drinks ---
Languages Spoken French


Height 0,0
Hair Color Black
Hair Length Medium
Eye Color Blue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Body Type ---
Breast Size Medium
Female Type Teen
Body Hair ---
Tattoos Yes
Piercings No


I am what I am and I do not want to change at all, And I also do not like the dictatorial words "You must ..." I owe it only to God and I'm not ashamed to admit it, And mom and dad ... the rest - I just need: I need me at work to keep the papers in order My *****ren need me - in bad weather, lend my shoulder, And my friends need me to support them in trouble, And to someone else, constantly to someone else ... But you don't need to fit me into any frame, And there is no need to educate or teach something. I am as I am ... And opening the soul inside out, I silently shout: "You just have to love me!" You just have to love, without trying to try on something: How does he cook, wash, and can he be silent for a long time, How does one behave in public, will the stories be believed, What did you hurt? ... And try on everything, try on ... I can understand, I don't blame anyone, I don't scold anyone. I know how to forgive, in my heart there is no evil or resentment. I am as I am and I do not want to change at all, But I hope there is something to love me for

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